“I can walk into a workshop feeling a little lost about what I’m doing with my kids at home and walk out feeling like I know exactly what I’m doing! Keren is a fantastic trainer and an incredible early childhood educator”

Janet – Family Day Care Educator

“I so enjoy the training sessions Keren runs. She has a knack of making even the most daunting seem possible!”


Sue – Training Participant

“Keren and I worked together for just over two years. I was new to the sector when I first met Keren. Her knowledge about children’s learning and development and her abilities to engage with children made me feel inspired. Keren encouraged me to do my certificate three and was always there when I needed help.

The best thing about being managed and mentored by Keren was that she made me always think. I reflect every single day now, not only about my role and practices as an educator but the kind of person I am and the kind of people I want the children I educate to be”


Nicole- Educator

I met Keren when she was the Director of a childcare centre that my youngest child attended.  From our first meeting her gregariousness, energy and gentleness were apparent.  She has a fun way with children that ensure she puts them and their parents at ease.

Starting our child in day-care created a sense of anxiety for the whole family.  Keren’s active involvement ensured we felt confident and were fully informed of what was happening for our child and at the centre.

Keren was particularly helpful during periods where separation was more difficult.  She provided clear strategies for us and ensured that all her educators were working from the same plan. I observed Keren working with several children and parents who were acutely emotional.

Her active engagement in these situations using a respectful, caring and firm approach helped to calm them quickly and created an atmosphere of working together to solve difficulties.

What most impressed me about Keren was her ability to attract and keep high performing educators – this is a particular problem in the childcare sector in the ACT, but Keren’s stability with educators ensured a sense of predictability for the children and parents.

Her ability to calm distressed children and parents, cut to the heart of difficulties and build a harmonious team are her outstanding qualities.

Angie- Parent

I have known Keren Huggett since October 2011, when my husband and I were looking for a new childcare centre for our, now, three-year old twins. We were fortunate enough to attend an information session, run by Keren. The session was nothing less than a revelation for both my husband and I, in terms of revealing to us the kind of professionalism and care that we might be able to find for our children in an early childhood centre. We were extremely fortunate, only a few months later, to be able to place the twins under Keren’s care. What impressed us both during the ensuing year was the extent to which we were able to trust the full care of our kids to Keren’s management – physical, emotional and psychological. Always approachable, always informed and always energised, we could talk to Keren about any issue, have it taken seriously and have it resolved or addressed in a way in which we were more than satisfied.

Nicola- Parent

“I really enjoyed the session as the content was really relevant and gave me lots to think about. Great ideas for critical reflection”

“I now feel like I have more confidence in using the EYLF practices. Delivered in a way that makes you think”


Testimonials from Holistic Tailored Solution Sessions

“I really like that all the educators were involved and engaged with Keren. Keren was able to ask our team questions that lead to important discussions and great ideas”