Keren Huggett is the creator and owner of two small businesses, Awakening Education Consultancy and Awakening Energy Healing. Keren works with the skills and knowledge from her many years in early childhood education and sector leadership management. She weaves into her teachings and support her innate wisdoms, healing tools and energetic space holding.

Keren is an advocate for children, their agency and their early learning experiences. She believes in community connections and the importance of understanding attachment theory for building relationships. Keren supports others to have an understand of the early years conditioning and its impacts on our ways of being; self perception and parenting .  Keren is here to support humanities healing, to empower the feminine energies, clear trauma and be in balance.  Keren is profoundly loving, uses real life experiences from life and motherhood to support others and holds a safe and nurturing learning and healing space. Keren is often out playing in nature and weaves her connection to Earth into her work with others.