Energetic space holding for events and workplaces

Keren Huggett is a natural leader, medicine woman and energy healer. Since 2014 Keren has co created healing spaces at events including Dragon Dreaming Festival 2014 – 2018, ReGrowth Festival 2015 – 2017, Confest 2016 , Psyland 2018, SubSonic Musical Festival 2015 – 2018, Conscious dance events 2018-2019 and Awakening Ancient Futures Gathering 2019. Willing and wanting to branch out into may different spaces to share this work, Keren and her dynamic team of healers would love to share their soul work with you. Please connect with Keren on awakeningenergyhealing@gmail.com for more information.

Ever walked into a place or space and feel heavy sad or overwhelmed for no particular reason?

Workplaces and houses can be spaces that regularly need energy clearing. Keren uses a variety of practices to energetically clear, shift perception and support environments that have energetic imprints from people, animals and history

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