Healing Session Opportunities

I believe that everyone is a healer. We are all here on Earth at this time to heal ourselves back to a state of balanced loving sovereignty. I offer one on one healing sessions for people who feel drawn to my energy.

I guess if your reading this then you are, so let me share with you a little bit about what i do! I offer sessions where primarily i hold a safe energetic space around you, supporting your energy vibration to raise and for you to gain, in this heightened state ,your own insights into your healing. I have many healing tools that also support this space for you. I often use my medicine drum and work with sound vibration in channelling  the high council  ancient Earth languages. I am a deeply intuitive being and communicate with your guides to support your healing WITH you.  I have studied Reiki and Theta healing. I also have remembered who i am in my divinity. The sessions i offer are FULL POWER! and no matter if we are face to face or we share healing space via distance on the phone or skype please know that you are loved! We have all choosen to be here at this time to heal. Please feel free to read my FB pages reviews by clicking here.

Sessions usually go for just under an hour and cost $155.00. Longer sessions are available and are costed accordingly. For returning clients i offer a discounted rate.


Emerging from my own journey to clear and detoxify my sexual space, i see, feel and know the sacred sexuality arts. I offer sessions in sacred temple space for men, women and couples.

Sessions are tailored to meet the individual healing you seek