Awakening Education’s Bush Play Connections

Welcome to Bush Play Connections.

Awakening Education’s Bush Play Connections is the combination of three of Keren’s greatest passions; children learning through play, connecting to and loving our Earth and creating opportunities for family community togethernesskeren and jaya 2

We live in or around the ‘Bush Capital’ and are indeed very blessed to be surrounded by the beautiful Australian bush land in all directions. Canberra has many Nature Parks, lots of urban nature spaces and of course the beautiful Namadgi National Park

Bush Play Connections will run in a few different locations across Canberra, running nature-based play spaces for children aged birth to 13 and their grown-ups.

Each two-and-a-half-hour session will be an opportunity for play, family fun and togetherness, with loosely facilitated bush play that includes bush craft creation stations, bush wandering walks, nature exploration and respectful foraging. Participants will be guided into some connective grounding, breathing and movement practices as well as sharing mindfulness play ideas and ways of being