Seven Sisters Online Festival 2020 session bookings

Thank you Sista for feeling your way to booking an Energy Healing Session with me. Im very excited to once again be part of the Seven Sisters Festival. This time of course we are all experiencing this amazing festival in a brand new way.

Copy of the last review that was shared on my Awakening Energy Healing FB page.

I had an amazing and powerful distant session from Keren – it feels life changing, and it seems to have opened up a stronger connection for me with the Mother Earth and the ocean! The session began with a brief Zoom call. It has been quite few years since my last healing session with Keren, and I was simply awed by her presence – the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies, so strong and nurturing like the oak tree drawing behind her on screen! It was so inspiring, and safe just to be in that presence! The session was conducted as a phone call, where I could hear her drumming, and also the occasional instructions on where I need to place my hands on my body. Keren’s healing was straight to the point, full of integrity and compassion. I feel very grateful to have this opportunity with you Keren, and thank you thank you so much for sharing your gifts and being such a role model with your actions and presence❤️🙏” Wei

Please fill in below and in the message box share three possible times and dates that suit you for a session. Please also leave your best contact number. Ill reply to you via email or text to confirm details and share additional info in preparation for our time in healing space together. So much Love and talk to you soon